The 5 Top Uses of a Survival Flashlight

A survival flashlight can come in handy in various predicaments that you may find yourself in. Owning this kind of flashlight can be very crucial to your survival especially if you like outdoor activities. The survival flashlights come in handy. Never forget to carry a survival flashlight when you go camping.

Top uses

Self Defense

You can never be too careful when it comes to your protection. The survival flashlight can help you protect mbvxzfeqwwyourself from hostile people and wild animals. In case you forget to carry a reliable weapon this gadget can easily be used to protect yourself.

Grip the flashlight from the handle and swing it like a baton to defend yourself. It can also be a great accompaniment if you already have another weapon like pepper spray.


One of the top uses of a survival flashlight is signaling in case you are stranded or marooned. It can be used as a beacon to signal for nearby help. If you are familiar with Morse code, you can also use it to communicate to somebody who is a far off. Three short, three long, three short is an internationally accepted Morse code for distress. The number of people who have been found because of this device is actually very many.

Blind your assailant

Sometimes a high beam of light is enough to scare away your enemy or even stun them. Many wild animals will flee if they are illuminated with a flashlight. You can also blind your enemy so as to give you an upper hand to either escape or attack. Always use the element of surprise.

Start a Fire

You can also use the shining reflector of the flashlight to start a fire. The reflector acts as a magnification glass that focuses the beams of the sun on a single point of dry wood or paper. You must be patient for it to work. This is one of the most disregarded top uses of a survival flashlight.

Illuminate your way

jhjhjhhjhjDarkness can be subtle enemy especially in the case of a precarious situation. Light can help you navigate your way out of a dangerous situation like an earthquake at night. You will also be able to spot any trouble before it happens when you have a survival flashlight by your side. Many enemies like to hide in the comfort of darkness, and they can be startled by a sudden light

A survival flashlight can be the only thing standing between you and danger. It is not called ‘survival’ for nothing.